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D’HAESE LOUIS . Bac pro TISEC –Compagnons-du-devoir Île de France

HAESE LOUIS.  French Professional Baccalaureate at Les Compagnons du Devoir, Île de France COMPANY: «All went well,  very good company». ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS «very nice family and very good meals». THE PROFESSIONAL VISITS «very interesting» PRACTICAL INFORMATION «Good visits of the city and good explanations«. THE AVAILABILITY OF ECLAC «Always available, very present». Yes, I… Leer más »


KLUGMAN LUDOVIC. French Professional Baccaulaureate at Les Compagnons Île de France. *COMPANY: «Very good». * ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS, «Great accommodation except for meals». * THE TECHNICAL VISITS «super interesting» * PRACTICAL INFORMATION «we have had excellent information on all subjects». * THE AVAILABILITY OF ECLAC «Yes, always there». * Yes, I would RECOMMEND THE SERVICES… Leer más »

SEBASTIAN BERNARD . Bac pro TISEC Compagnons-du-Devoir, Île de France

SEBASTIAN BERNARD.  French Professional Baccalaureat at Les Compagnons-du-devoir Île de France COMPANY: «Very invested in the mobility, great». ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS «family very welcoming and pleasant but the meals so, so». TECHNICAL VISITS «very interesting» PRACTICAL INFORMATION «Good, it allowed me to discover a lot about the city». THE AVAILABILITY OF ECLAC «Very good». Yes,… Leer más »

ALEXANDRE SIBONI . Bac pro TISEC Compagnons du Devoir Île de France

ALEXANDRE SIBONI. French Professional Baccalaureate at Les Compagnons du Devoir Île de France The COMPANY: «Very good, people were super nice» the ACCOMODATION AND THE MEALS «were perfect with a very welcoming, very friendly resident who helped me to understand Spanish» With regards to PRACTICAL INFORMATION «good advice for a good stay in this beautiful… Leer más »


CLEMENT CEPEDA . French Professional Baccalaureat COMPANY: «Very nice, welcoming, friendly, they were very patient and did their best to communicate with me» ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS «I felt at home and the food was very good» PRACTICAL INFORMATION «A lot of practical and pleasant info». THE AVAILABILITY OF ECLAC «Very available, many activities to propose,… Leer más »


French Professional Baccalaureate at LES COMPAGNONS DU DEVOIR in PONTIN ISLE OF FRANCE – FRANCE THE COMPANY:  perfect, I managed to learn new things about my trade in the space of 3 weeks! ECLAC SERVICES: Yes, absolutely  to be recommended I felt very well monitored both in the host company and by the director of… Leer más »

XAVIER AVODO, Maître de stagechez, accompanying Internship Tutor, Tutor Acompañante de Formación

XAVIER AVODO, accompanying Internship Tutor. «This mobility will remain engraved in me» ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS, «very well, the familycould not have taken better care of us». THE TECHNICAL VISITS «very pedagogical and interesting» with respect to the PRACTICAL INFORMATION «We were very Well guided on the activities of the city and the AVAILABILITY OF ECLAC… Leer más »